Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rich and Creamy Queso Dip with Hamburger

In light of the All-Star Game tonight, GO AL!, I thought it would be nice if I made some kind of "sports food". I love queso dip and my mom makes the best queso so I decided to text her and ask for the recipe. It turned out so good! Rich, creamy, and cheesey! I hope you all enjoy!

Rich and Creamy Queso Dip with Hamburger

1 lb hamburger
1-2 jalapenos
1 small onion
1 lb Velveeta, I used the Mexican variety
1 can tomato sauce or 1 can chili without beans (see side note)
1 packet taco seasoning

Dice the onion and jalapeno. In a large fry pan, brown the hamburger along with the onion and jalapeno.

Look who helped!
Doesn't he look so thrilled?!
Meanwhile, dice the Velveeta and add to a crock pot along with the can of tomato sauce so the cheese can begin to melt.
My mom said you can make this dip on the stove top in a large soup pot but you will have to mind the temperature and stir more often. Drain the hamburger mixture and add back to the frying pan. Add the taco seasoning and cook further according to the directions. Once the hamburger is finished, add to the crock pot with the cheese and tomato sauce, stir.
I let the queso cook on high heat for about 30 minutes because I was starving. But my mom said to let it cook for at least an hour and a half on low to let the flavors meld. I'll let you decide. I like to eat mine with the cupped tortilla chips because I find it holds up to the dip a lot better, my husband likes the yellow corn rounds. So, I'll let you decide on the chips as well.
Serve with toppings of your choice. 

Side note: If you prefer a more chili queso, my mom said sometimes she adds a can of chili without beans to shake things up a bit. Me? I love both!



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